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DTF (Direct to Film)


What is DTF?

DTF transfers use the same printers as DTG (direct to garment). Instead of printing directly onto apparel, the ink is printed onto a sheet of film (called a gang sheet), then a powdered adhesive is spread over the ink and cured using a heat press. This creates a transfer that can be pressed into just about anything. 

Why would I choose DTF over DTG?

The main reason clients choose DTF over DTG is cost. Because DTF does not require pretreat, and we can print multiple copies of an artwork on one gang sheet, DTF comes with savings. Another reason is the product you'd like to print is high in polyester. DTF can be pressed into synthetic fibers, but DTG prints best on natural fibers.

Do the number of colors or complexity matter for cost? 

Nope. Just like DTG, DTF prints gradients and multiples colors all at once. However, some colors don't print well on the film: i.e. teal, brown, and maroon. 

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